Minute Creationism


Created only with a daft filter and a lamp on Snapchat.

Try something new and expressive today, the feeling of creationism with meanless intent is wonderful


Top Films//2013

Some of my top films of 2013 (linear, but still interchangeable)

1. The Place Beyond The Pines

This is a proper introduction to Ryan Gosling at his best, and my god did I want to bleach my hair after this film…

This for me is perfect cinema, I believed and bled every single characters struggle, it deserved a whole lot more recognition than it got and is an absolute gem of a film if you have not seen or heard of it.

2. About Time

About Time is like a worn out reliable jacket I always go back to in winter…

This film oozes Britishness and fills me full of every emotion under the rainbow when I go back and watch it.

3. Dallas Buyers Club

This films originality and honest raw substance speaks for itself, and will go down as one of -if not the best- performance by McConaughey.

4. The Great Gatsby

A bundle of colour, zeal and Dicaprio to make your year abundantly more pleasant.

5. Inside Llewyn David

A film full of hidden messages and softly yet beautifully executed moments that collate all together to create a feel good, thought provoking film. (Also a reminder that Oscar Isaac should be in more roles like this!)

6. Pain and Gain

Although the stigmatic character Michael Bay was involved with this film, it was all together a really pleasant watch. The constant patriotic imagery is used farcically to great effect in this film, when juxtaposed next to the three stooges the film centres around.

Not a film that breaks any grounds, but worth a watch for sure.

7. Her

Only watched this film once, but from what I remember it questioned paradigms of love and its coincidence with modernisation/digitalisation in a manner that only Spike Jonze could execute. Overall an interesting watch if you really give it your thought and attention…

Music in Film

The Conversation (Francis Ford Coppola, 1974)

This is one of my favourite motifs in any film to date

The trailing, spiralling soundscape of the track mirrors the hysteria and paranoia that eventually consumes Gene Hackmans character beautifully.

Themes and motifs are often ignored in cinema nowadays, instead; they are replaced with pop music that correlates in no way to the film.

The art of musics implementation within film should be completely reconsidered in contemporary cinema for the medium to truly flourish.

Film is Art.

Art is trying to project perfections you otherwise cannot achieve in your own life

So let’s take some time to just appreciate the films that have made you think.

The films that make you question the structures and paradigms that you relay every day in your own lives,

These films progress generations and stand the test of time,

They evolve like an ageing wine, when you go back to these films after a few years you’ll spot something different,

Something that now coincides with your own struggles in life, that didn’t before.

Whenever you find one of these films, what ever it may be

Cherish it,

Hold on to this film and rewatch it whenever the world isolates you or it’s populace gets you down.

The notion of films impact within the binge watching, throwaway culture of today goes unnoticed,

But it still remains the purest medium for capturing culture, and who are we if not cultured correctly?

as i grow ‘old’, my ideal focal point blends in with the itching neurosis that scratches relentlessly.

is this neurosis a result of my compulsive neuroticism? are the desires of life too far away for me to grasp now.

the dreams that once consumed my childhood have faded, forever being compromised for a lack of motivation, a lack of worth, a lack of love. am i infatuated more with the idea of love or infatuated with the fruits that it provides.


might love be the missing ingredient on the road to personal fulfilment. might the earliest form of human compassion finally drive me to success.

I’ll try find out